Increase the Level of Trust.

Nodes’ mission is about increasing the level of trust in web3 by setting up a Layer 2 network of node operators based on zero knowledge proof and a proof-of-trust consensus mechanism.

Nodes Validator & Oracle Network


Significant Cryptoasset Holdings

Nodes International stakes the funds raised into Proof-of-Stake L1 networks to generate yield for investors.



Nodes International selects the best infrastructure layer networks (L1) that serve good rewards directly on its wallet, thereby contributing to build the architecture of Web 3.0.

Nodes on Proof-of-Stake networks

3 Layers

Our plan

Layer 1:

Nodes running on Proof-of-Stake Blockchain Networks

Layer 2:

Nodes Validator & Oracle Network (Zero Knowledge Technology / Proof-of-trust)

Layer 3:

Layer 3 : Nodes Decentrallized Governance Network for web3

Nodes Roadmap

Layer 1

Generating returns on main Layer 1 Proof-of-Stake blockchain networks.

Layer 2

Building the Decentralized Nodes validator network. Providing greater decentralization to Proof-of-Stake and Oracle networks.

Layer 3

Providing decentralized voting power for web3 applications.

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